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Jeeper °IIIIIII°
Data d'iscrizione : 30.10.09
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BFgoodrich Krawler Empty BFgoodrich Krawler

il Gio 19 Nov 2009, 00:26
Allarghiamo le nostre conoscenze sui pneumatici dei nostri mezzi!! (vi ricopio tutto qua per risparmiarvi di andare sul sito che linkerò ugualmente scusate per la recensione in inglese ma è la migliore)

BFgoodrich Krawler BFG-krawler-l

BFGoodrich Krawler T/A KX Ratings (1-5 Star)
Street 3
Sand 3
Rock 5
Mud 3
Trail 4
Snow 3

Size Availability bravo

Review of the BFGoodrich Krawler T/A KX
The BFGoodrich Krawler is a monster of a Radial tire. BFGoodrich specifically designed this tire to excel in the world of rockcrawling, while still giving the driver performance in a variety of terrains, including on paved road. The Krawler's tread design is an aggressive, strong one with massive lugs, super-strong sidewalls, and an extra shoulder lip of rubber around the bead to help protect the rim and aid the tires resistance to popping off the bead. At low pressures, the sidewall and tread flexes readily and surprisingly well for such a massive tire, enveloping obstacles as the sidewalls bulge. Tread lugs extend way down the sidewall offering protect as well as helps to increase traction when sidewall bite can make the difference on rock and in mud. Where the BFGoodrich Krawler T/A KX excels best is on the rocks. When aired down to the single digits, the chunky lugs of soft compound grip big time on all types of rocks from the knarly to the slick. Sharp rocks and wood spikes offer little problem as the Krawler resists tears and punctures to an impressive degree. In the mud the Krawler isn't at its best. The tread doesn't self clean as well as some of the other mud performers on the market unless generous amounts of throttled wheelspin are applied. On the wooded trails this tire does very well, getting good bite the varying conditions. In the sand the Krawler bites strong and will dig if too much throttle is applied although flotation is good. On the street, the BFGoodrich Krawlers perform better than most aggressive tires with a somewhat smooth ride. This is in part due to their construction as a radial tire and the staggered tread design. However they will still let you know they're down there as some lug slap will be noticed. As far as their look, the Krawler has a very aggressive appearance and will definitely turn heads. Sidewall Plys: 4 Nylon. Tread Plys: 4 Nylon, 2 Steel. Load Rating: C. Available sizes: 35x13.50R15/C, 37x12.50R17/C, 37x12.50R17/C

BFGoodrich Krawler T/A KX

Introducing the world's best rock-crawling tire. Ideal for extreme terrain conditions and the winner of multiple rock-crawling championships. Features an ultra-aggressive deep-lug tread pattern and one of the most puncture resistant sidewalls of any tire we've ever offered. Available in two sizes: molded (37X12.50R17 and 35X13.50R15) or grooveable (37X12.50R17). Our ultimate off-road tire, designed for awesome performance on the rocks and in the dirt. Limited quantities available in 35- and 37-inch sizes.

World champion rock crawling performance.
What it is: Xtreme traction off-road tire that has won more rock crawling championships than any other tire.
Who it’s for: Rock crawling competitors and hardcore off-roaders.
In 2004, BFGoodrich®️ tires won 51 of 54 major rock crawling championships.

BFgoodrich Krawler Krawler-cross-section


* Ultra-aggressive deep-lug tread pattern
* Four nylon sidewall plies
* Race-spec carcass
* Brawny, solid sidewall lugs
* X-tra traction tread compound
* Rim protector


* Large, deep lugs – even deeper than Mud-Terrain T/A®️KM
help provide exceptional traction in rock, mud and dirt.
Tread can be carved to tune performance to meet the
specific needs of the consumer
* One of the highest puncture resistant sidewalls of any
tire we’ve ever offered
* A super-tough carcass built like some of our off-road
racing tires. The lessons we learn in off-road racing are
built right into the Krawler T/A®️KX
* Deep, large and solid sidewall lugs aid both traction and
puncture resistance
* Softer tread compound evolved from our years of offroading
experience. Conforms better to uneven surfaces, increases traction
* Improved wheel and tire protection from off-road hazards, especially during aired-down situations

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